About Us

Transpac Technology is your online hub of informative articles about the tech world. Our articles focus on what’s trending in search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies, hardware, cybersecurity and more. We aim to inform you of the latest technological developments you can apply in your business.

Technology is a critical aspect of a business. You need the latest tech developments to keep your business alive and kicking. There are many techy elements you can add to your business to ensure it progresses. From digital marketing strategies to using the latest hardware in your office, Transpac Technology has you covered with the latest information.

Meet Our Team

Warren Kravinski

Resident Tech Expert

Kevin Montgomery

Cyber Security Expert

Lauren O'Connel

Science Geek

Warren Kravinski

Lauren is our tech-savvy hardware specialist. Whatever sounds high-tech, you can bet that Lauren knows about it. She has broad knowledge on high-quality GNSS signal generators, GPS products, solar-powered technology and more. In college, Lauren was at the top of her batch, graduating with the highest honours majoring in Information Technology. She shares her knowledge to tech-enthusiasts by writing articles that discuss the latest technologies that make businesses thrive today. She also helps in editing articles with Warren.

Kevin Montgomery

Kevin really thought he was going to be a policeman like his dad but quickly discovered he could take down cybercriminals better than he could take down regular criminals. After earning his degree in Information Systems, he pursued further certification to understand cyber security better. He is now the General Manager of a digital security consultant agency. He writes about news and his opinions on the latest cyber security news and updates. He currently lives in Arizona.

Lauren O’Connel

Lauren studied theoretical physics at Stanford University before balancing her time between her home in Arizona and travelling around the world to listen to industry experts. As a former professor, she wants to teach more than just the students who make it to her classroom and hopes to bring quantum physics into everyday discussion. She enjoys helping everyday people understand the branches of physics she loves. When she’s not writing about physics, she’s most likely at home with her husband or playing tennis with her friends.